Author: Adriana Luca – Maths teacherLearn to Read

„Carnival of literary person” is an activity that reminds us of the beautiful days of Winter and its celebrations. Included in the international project Comenius “Learn to Read and Read to Learn”, aprouved by Lifelong Learning Programme,  with reference no. COM-13-PM-873-BH-BG, it was organised by Maths teacher Adriana Luca, Romanian teacher Monica Dumitras, followed as judges by Maria Hulber and Laura Costa. Deputy director Eniko Hochhauser honoured the participants with her presence.

Very enthusiastmatic and very cheerful, the young actors of classes 6 A and 6 B, encouraged by their parents, presented their role in a theatre play, with talent. The play’s end was spoken in English, because that’s the international language of the project. The students received 14 diplomas, and the most beautiful outfits will be featured in a calendar made by the Comenius project. The most talented kids will play in a theatre play in Romanian, but also in English, when the partners of the National College „Mihai Eminescu” will visit.

(English translation: Cezara Hulber)

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