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In January 2014 we celebrated two years since the first meeting of Reading Club in foreign languages. The partnership with the Faculty of Letters from Oradea and with ”Gheorghe Șincai” County Library involves organizing a reading club in different languages for primary school pupils.The languages in wich we read are: Romanian, English, French, German and Hungarian.
The activity is held on the last Wednesday of each month and is included in the international project Comenius “Learn to Read and Read to Learn”, aprouved by Lifelong Learning Programme,  with reference no. COM-13-PM-873-BH-BG.
If in the beginning adults were those who read to the children, the novelty is that now highschoolers and students are addressing to the children.
Two meetings – one in December and one in June – are dedicated to reading competitions.
The project team wants to bring the little readers closer to the idea of book and to that of library. The central objective is to train students to come to the library both accompanied and on their own, to borrow books and, as they advance in age, to study in the reading room.
On December 16th, 2013 the second edition of the reading contest in Romanian, Hungarian, English and German was held.
The team coordinated by Laura-Teodora Ardelean was responsible for the Romanian language section of the competition and was composed of: Emilia Ciordaş, student at the Faculty of Letters, University of Oradea, Andrada Belenyesi, Beatrice Bungo and Denik Jurcsik, students in twelfth grade at ”Mihai Eminescu” National College; Paul Zoț, librarian and spokesman for ”Gheorghe Șincai” County Library.
The fragments were chosen from a book written by Florian Cristescu. The title is Familia Roademult. The text was divided into sequences on which a question was formulated.
Twenty primary school students enrolled in the competition for this particular section.
The jury paid attention to the following aspects: reading accuracy, expressiveness, fluency, adapting to the situation of communication, the understanding of the text.
The winner of the first prize received a book from Gutenberg bookstore which was the sponsor of the competition.
All participants were given the opportunity to make free pass to County Library .
Laura-Teodora Ardelean

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