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„Our favourite books – TOP 10”

Salgotarjan 2

Salgotarjan 11. Rachel Renee Russel: Dork Diaries
2. Judit Berg: Rumini
3. István Fekete: Vuk
4. Ágnes Bálint: The Lightheaded Family
5. Holly Webb: Alone in the Night
6. Éva Janikovszky: Bertalan and Barnabas
7. Benedek Elek: Tales
8. Istvan Csukás: Pom Pom
9. Erich Kästner: Lottie and Lisa
10. A.A. Milne: Winnie the Pooh

1. Rachel Renee Russel: Dork Diaries

Rachel Renee Russel currently resides in northerrn Virginia. She ’s growing up in Saint Joseph… She has two younger sisters and younger twin brothers. Rachel wrote her first book in 6th grade as a birthday present for her brothers.

Dork Diaries is a humorous book series written and illustrated by Rachel Renee Russel.
Nikki Maxwll wants to start a brand new life. Now she got a perfect chance for that she can leave her future behind and reborn as a popular, cool girl. But…

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