The “Historical Tales” Competition

by Sorina Duică (translated by Ioana Pantor)
As part of the multilateral Comenius Learn to Read and Read to Learn, on Friday February 20th, 2015, at “Mihai Eminescu” National College, took place the reading competition entitled Historical Tales.
Aiming at promoting the interest for reading for the younger students, the competition addressed the students from the 3rd grade. Being coordinated by the primary school teacher Mrs. Ioana Borza, the students had two weeks at their disposal in order to read the volume „Historical Tales” by Dumitru Almas.
Each team had to answer seven questions, following the format „Who am I?”, „What am I?”, written by their older colleagues, Sabina Trifa and Răzvan Crișan.
Throughout the entire competition, the young students made themselves remarked not only for their extraordinary memory, but also for their capacity to focus and make analyses, as well as for their competitive spirit.